Meet Leah

Leah Stewart

Leah Stewart

Leah has always had a love affair with food, even as a child. She grew up as an Army brat, spending many of her childhood years moving from place to place. In a transitional community, her family found that one of the best “tricks” to fitting in and making new friends is sharing meals. Home-cooked meals became her family’s trade, whether it was welcoming or being welcomed by a new neighbor, saying goodbye to an old friend, filling up a stranger’s pantry or just the church’s potluck social. Leah’s mom taught her to love others by way of her kitchen, so her hope is that you will be able “To Taste” the love with friends and loved ones.

For Leah, this blog is a journey of her experiments and an outlet for sharing the tips and tools she has learned along the way. Some of these were learned the hard way–doing them over and over again! If she can save any of you just one trial in your own culinary and entertaining experiments, this will be a success!

Please feel free to ask questions or make comments. Food should be an experience, one made better when shared with friends. Entertaining should be easy and effortless, along with impressive. The culinary experience should be one to enjoy, to share, and, of course, to taste!