What’s a Celebration without Food?

Have you ever noticed how food seems to be a central part of our lives? Aside from that whole you-need-it-to-survive aspect, food manages to appear in all sorts of social settings – meetings, family events, birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduation celebrations, etc. A simple meal can bring a group together or conversation can spark in the buffet line at a wedding reception. Some of my favorite memories involve a delicious dinner and a few bottles of wine shared with friends, old and new. Food gives us a reason to connect, celebrate, and comfort.

For this reason, we’re taking a brief break from our superfoods series and gathering together to celebrate a friend who is moving on to a new chapter of his life. Naturally, food will play an integral role, considering we’re making some of his favorite foods to celebrate the time he’s spent in Waco and send him off to a new city and job on a full stomach. We’re looking forward to this time of friends and fun, and are excited to share the experience with y’all on Wednesday. Never fear – our superfoods experiments will resume next week. But for now, take some time to discover for yourself how food can bring people together and celebrate the little things in life.