Egg Boats!

One of the special things about owning a restaurant is the opportunity to bless others through what we have to offer. I love getting to be part of our community and of people’s lives just by doing what I do. We are often arranging dine-to-donate nights to benefit local charities and organizations.  (some examples)

We are also able to donate meals to those less fortunate through the Salvation Army and my church. It is such a great thing to be able to meet people’s needs through my daily work.

One of the things we do is to provide a breakfast meal for the worship leaders at my church. My church has been such a blessing to me. It has supported and loved me through some really difficult times and they are great supporters of The Olive Branch. This Sunday morning breakfast is a small way to give back to a really special community.

We try to be creative in the meals we offer them. It is really easy to get stuck in the pastry rut. I mean, doesn’t everyone eat donuts on Sunday mornings? LOL To combat repetition we try to get as inventive as possible with what we have in the kitchen. Sometimes it is a little like pretending to be on “Chopped…” But, you know, with normal ingredients!

One Sunday morning I opened the refrigerator to find some leftover twice baked potatoes. Score!!! I scooped out the seasoned filling,


lined the potato with a strip of cooked bacon,

photo 4

shredded cheese and cracked an egg on top.

photo 2

I popped the potato/egg “boats” into the oven and cooked them until the egg was done and the potato was reheated.  While baking, I reheated the potato filling in the microwave and scooped it back on top of the egg boat.  An instant breakfast favorite!

photo 3

These would be perfect for a breakfast buffet or a kid friendly brunch. Next time you are baking potatoes toss a couple of extra into the oven. They will keep (unwrapped) in the frig for several days. Then you can create some of these breakfast treats “on a whim” one Saturday morning. Your family and friends will think you’re a genius!


Veggie Migas + Cold Italian Sub

Still curious about some of our added menu items? Find out a little more about two of our staff favorites:

Veggie Migas are a yummy breakfast addition.  We take fresh zucchini, dice it and add caramelized onions and diced tomatoes.  We cook them into scrambled eggs, top it all with real shredded cheddar cheese and serve it up with tortilla chips and homemade salsa.  This is one of our gluten free dishes!

Our chef is loving our Cold Italian Sub.  Our homebaked French bread is piled high with cheese, sliced turkey, sliced salami, chopped lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced olives and fresh red onions.  The fillings are then drizzled with our homemade, fat-free Dijon vinaigrette.  It is full of flavors and textures and it is really filling, too!  Try it in a combo with one of our homemade soups.

Come try one of our new items or one of your old favorites this weekend! What better way to keep your energy up for the Baylor vs. Iowa State game than a hearty sandwich or a tasty bowl of soup? Don’t forget that our sandwich trays and party platters make perfect additions to your next game viewing party. Just call us at (254) 757-0885 for options and orders.