Ask Leah – Mailing Baked Goods

Sometimes your best friend or roommate or family member or significant other moves away. Maybe all of the aforementioned move away at the same time, in which case you will have ample time to spend in the kitchen baking or generally being productive. Regardless of the situation, there’s no better way to make someone feel appreciated than sending them a sweet treat via the Pony Express. The time and effort you put into making and sending something homemade will shine through, making that recipient feel especially missed and loved. But what are some baked goods that can withstand the toll of traveling through the mail? We have a few suggestions to get you started!

How do you feel about mailing baked goods? What are some recipes that ship well?

Although mailing homemade treats is a wonderful way to let someone know you are thinking of them, think practically about what you’re making and how you’re sending it. Be prepared to spend a little extra to ship next-day delivery. All the effort you put into making your former roommate’s favorite cookies will be lost if they arrive moldy. Bubble wrap or some other packing aide will be your best friend, ensuring that your goodies arrive intact and looking lovely. We can all imagine how disappointing it would be to receive mangled baked goods. Also, be sure to package and send these items at their freshest, i.e. the day you bake them to make sure they are still fresh when they arrive! Let’s recap: next-day shipping, package your treats well and ship them at their freshest.

But what should you bake? Cookies ship well. Cupcakes get tricky – all that frosting likes to be adventurous and melt all over the place. Don’t be a hero. Brownies have potential, just don’t get carried away with frosting and such. That puts us right back in melted frosting territory with the cupcakes.

Sweet loafs travel well, like banana nut bread or a lemon loaf. Your recipient will be singing your praises as they munch on a slice in tandem with their morning coffee. Guaranteed. If they don’t, then they obviously don’t understand the labor of love you just undertook. These are just a few ideas to get those juices flowing. Remember that you can’t go wrong when shipping your brother’s favorite dessert bar or those cranberry oatmeal cookies your boyfriend has been craving. Get creative! Okay, maybe not too creative – remember to stay away from frostings, gooey filings or generally soft and moist items.

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